October 18, 2011

One piece of wood

What creation, I ask you, is more powerful than the human heart? Created in God’s image…..the human heart makes profoundly significant choices which can alter life on earth for all of mankind. A single choice made in the heart of just one man can lead to the death of millions of innocent people…..or cause the suffering and genocide of an entire generation of children. The heart of man can choose, and I cannot help but wonder just how-----powerful----- my choices really are. How powerful is the choice I make? If the heart of just one man can hate and kill so many…..I wonder how powerful the same could be if love were so fervently acted upon. No wonder Jesus turned the world upside down through such a small number of men. Whole-hearted men. Does God present choices to my own heart which are any less significant than what He gave to those twelve men? Are my choices…..less powerful than theirs?

God, give me grace to believe I’m a man after Your own heart, and move my heart to act like one.

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InfoTechnologist said...

Good to see my old friend is still at it. Glad to see God has continued to lead you....in the right directions.