October 05, 2011

My Legacy

I think, as of right now, that I'm known by most people as a man who would stop at nothing to win---to achieve----to accomplish whatever I set my mind to.....and this troubles me. When my life is done here, I believe I'd be sad if this was my first and most memorable legacy. I am struck to the heart by this----by this burning desire given to me by God----that by the time my heart stops beating, I would rather be known by most as a man who stopped at nothing to LOVE his fellow man. O that my wife...my children...my friends and acquaintances would say Charles Georgi LOVED others more than himself!....that he spent all he had to make others rich!....that he wanted to LOSE so that others would win. Let it be so, Lord. Apart from the grace you give....such an ambition could never be realized, but with You all things are possible.

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