January 25, 2009

Set my faith on fire

Recently, I went to fire up our Gas grill to cook some steaks. For some reason, the spark ignitor wasn't producing any sparks while I had the Gas released and open, and it wouldn't catch on fire. So, I went inside and got some matches to ignite it myself. After I struck the match against the matchbox and saw the small flame, I slowly brought it close to the inside of the grill and dropped it in.


A large flame jumped up and singed the hair on my head and my eyebrows (my hair didn't catch on fire thankfully). But needless to say.....my face and my hands felt a slight burn for the rest of the day.

I actually forgot about this until today as I listened to our Pastor preach. He preached on faith, and specifically....how faith requires action to remain alive.

As he spoke, the Lord reminded me of the gas grill incident, and I was inspired to write this:

"This match has the potential to catch on fire. It only needs to be in my hand and struck against a rough surface. When it's thrown into a flammable unseen gas....what was unseen explodes into a massive fire, and it remains a fire until all of the gas has been consumed.

The Lord commands me to obey Him. He tells me to strike my faith and ignite it even if the surface is rough and requires courageous, bold action to do so. He then tells me to throw this tiny match of faith into the hands of His Spirit, who is unseen, and yet He is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth within me. If I am to obey Him, then I must take ACTION.....which means I need to strike a match against a rough surface, no matter what the surface. The Lord wants a fire, but he needs me to produce an ignited match. So when I set this tiny faith I have on fire....I throw it into the Unseen Gas, and the Flame explodes beyond what I'm capable of doing on my own. His Spirit is uncontainable, endless, and capable of doing anything, and yet----the Flame will not explode without a lighted match.....and He chooses to wait on me to take action and use the one I've got. If I don't take ACTION and set my faith on fire, He'll never see the Flame it was supposed to produce, and for that matter, I won't either.

And so, I am left with this. I.... need to obey ....Him. And if I am to obey Him----first.....I'll have to strike this tiny match against a rough surface."