March 23, 2010

Moses Braveheart Georgi

Moses Braveheart Georgi

My God has great compassion and is full of mercy toward those who fear Him…..who seek Him with their whole heart. He is gracious toward the humble, and His mercies are everlasting to those who love Him with their whole heart.
We’ve been given another boy, and oh, what a mighty warrior this son of mine will be. Just let me take a moment to praise God for His love and mercy toward us. Thank you, Lord, for making my descendants mighty and strong in the Kingdom of Your Love. The powers of darkness should TREMBLE at the thought of how God will use these boys of mine, and what is most comforting to me is…..

They can do nothing to stop it from happening.

And why? Because “he who the Son sets free is free indeed.” My God has delivered us from sin and death to live as FREE people! Free from ALL the powers of darkness! In Jesus Christ, we have been made FREE men and women who will never die. We will only sleep for a short while and then awaken unto eternal life------raised incorruptible and imperishable……..forever to live and be with Him who loved us. Amen.

Now, the meaning behind the name, “Moses Braveheart.”

I have so much to say about what God has said to me. First, let’s look at the name, Moses. Obviously, our son is named after the man whom God used to set His people free from Egyptian slavery, as it is written in the book of Exodus. Through Moses, God would show His awesome, miraculous wonders as a sign to the world that He was and is the One, True God. His motivation was clear: to set His people free from slavery……and this was done as a foreshadowing type of what he would do for all of mankind through His Son, Jesus. Yes, I know the first thing likely to come to mind when hearing the name, “Braveheart,” is the man, William Wallace…..of whom the story was told in the movie by that same name.

God has shown me how powerful this name is.

……and to explain it, I need only look at how Jesus lived and how He wants us to live. Jesus came to bring FREEDOM from slavery, and this freedom is not a physical one….as it was for Moses and for William Wallace. Jesus came to set us free from SIN----a spiritual bondage we were all born into and have no way of escaping without the FREEDOM Jesus has fought victoriously for us to attain. The Lord has made it possible for men and women everywhere to live with His Spirit…His KINGDOM….dwelling inside of them. The Word of God explains our purpose clearly in two statements:

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength.”

“and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Our purpose, as it was with Jesus, is to love our neighbor!....and we can only truly do this by giving the people around us the love and knowledge they need to be set FREE, as we have been set FREE. “The Kingdom of God is at hand!” My son’s name is Moses Braveheart because I believe God told me he will be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of God…….being used to set captives free…..for he has a dad who will show him a clear example of nothing less.

Everything for God….
All for Jesus

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