July 10, 2008

Jesus is perfect theology

Before I begin to write on this blog, I am compelled to give an exhortation....and this exhortation is to you, the reader, whoever you are. I can use the word "whoever" because what I have to say applies to believers and unbelievers alike. If you have ears to hear, then hear this:

"Give your life wholeheartedly to God and be forgiven of all your sins in Jesus' Name. Be ready to follow after him for every day of the rest of your life here on earth. Be willing to do whatever he tells you. Listen to His Voice speaking to your spirit....hear His commands written in His Word and obey Him. And when you are forgiven---do NOT set your mind on your sin any longer! Let your entire heart, mind, soul, and body be fully given in love toward God and your neighbor. You are NOT allowed to set your mind on earthly things below Heaven except when your intention is to allow Heaven to invade earth. The earth is the Lord's, but He created it for YOU! And now, if you will believe and obey, you have authority over it in His Name. God gives you authority only to do GOOD because He is 100 % good. So look at Jesus, see how he lived.....and Go and Do likewise.

Jesus is perfect theology."


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